Exhaust Warranty


What Is Covered 

Replacement components covered by this warranty that are defective in material or workmanship under normal use will be replaced by Honda.  If a Honda dealer originally installed the replacement components, a Honda dealer will do the replacement. Honda covers the cost of the replacement component and the cost of labor to remove and install it. If someone other than a Honda dealer installed the warranted component, the cost to replace the part is covered by Honda, but the removal and installation labor cost is not covered. Parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Honda. 

What Is Not Covered 

This lifetime limited warranty does not cover the following: • Claims that do not include documented proof of the purchase date, repair date, and vehicle mileage at the time of installation • Any replacement component installed under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or those covered by other warranties • Other parts of the exhaust system, including gaskets, hangers, clamps, or other mounting hardware • Any cost of parts or labor for any additional repairs associated with replacing the warranted components • Failure of a replacement component due to any of these conditions: Abuse, misuse, damage caused by an accident or collision, or acts of God, nature, or civil unrest Improper installation, improper maintenance, or lack of scheduled maintenance Unauthorized disassembly Installation on a vehicle not designed or approved to accept the replacement part Modification of the vehicle, or installation of parts or accessories not authorized by Honda Installation of any part that may affect the replacement part or that is not equal to the original specification in quality of materials and workmanship Use of the vehicle in a competition or racing event Installation on a vehicle with an altered or disabled odometer where the actual mileage cannot be determined Installation on a vehicle registered or normally driven outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands Any incidental expenses or inconveniences you may suffer due to the loss of use of your vehicle